Storytime Spanish

It is finally here!!!!

This summer I have been working on a Pre-K Spanish Curriculum called Story Time Spanish, a book based Spanish curriculum for ages 3-6.

So far I have two complete units ready to be tested!

What can you find in each unit of Story Time Spanish?

  • 3-6 lessons completely based on one story book
  • Vocabulary flashcards and games
  • A recording of the pronunciation of the vocabulary
  • Original songs based on the theme of the unit
  • Activities meant to get you and your children speaking Spanish right away
  • Integration of authentic cultural material
  • Lists of additional resources and activities

The final product will have 12 main units plus a bonus Christmas unit!

The first two units are based on the books Besos for Baby and Buenas Noches, Gorila and introduce basic greetings, family members, and some animals.

Our daughter Sophie (4.5 years old) has loved testing out these materials! Most days we do it right after lunch while we are still sitting at the table and waiting for Maggie (1.5 years old) to finish eating. Even Maggie likes to try to say the words!

I would like to offer these first two units for free while I continue to work on the other 10 units! You can download the sample here:

I hope that you enjoy this resource and find it useful for your family!

I need your feedback.

I would like to make Story Time Spanish the best it can be, but that can only happen with your help!

After you have tried out the two sample lessons, would you mind taking time to fill out this survey? Tell me what worked. Tell me what didn’t work. I want to know if you and your children enjoyed learning Spanish with Story Time Spanish. All feedback is welcome.

A Chance to Win 12 books!!

To say thank you for your time trying out this product and giving your feedback, you will have an opportunity to share your email address the end of the survey. This will enter you for a chance to win a full set of books from Story Time Spanish. That will include Besos For Baby, Buenas Noches, Gorila + The other 10 books that end up being a part of Story Time Spanish Level A. MUCHAS GRACIAS!