Dear Blog: An opening letter

Hello, Blog. It’s been a while. I want to say it’s been a while because I have been planning lots of things to write on you. And that might be a little bit true. I mean, you are on my mind a lot, and somehow my thoughts tend to organize themselves into blog posts with titles and numbered outlines.

But the real motive behind my absence is that I am confused about our relationship. I don’t know who or what you are supposed to be in my life.  Are you for profit or just a place to put my thoughts? It this a secret place or a place that people are supposed to know about? What do I do with the desire to share helpful info when that desire that is tainted by pride that “boasts in what it has and does”?

What do I know for sure? I like writing. I like books. I like learning. I love God and want to honor Him. I want to be faithful. I am afraid of my pride. I am afraid of failing, but I can’t stop thinking about you.

And so, I guess we will just start where most things start: at the beginning.

I need to hold this whole relationship open-handedly. I am not a prophet. I don’t know where this will go. But I want to see. Please be patient with me.


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